Midland Avenue Streetscape

SAI was responsible for performing the preliminary and final sidewalk and curb design, traffic control plan, street lighting design, scheduling, and construction consultation for this urban streetscape project through the central business district of the Borough of Midland, Pennsylvania.

Physical features:

  • 2209′ of curb and exposed aggregate sidewalk reconstruction.
  • Lighting upgrades and street tree installation.

Other features:

  • Traffic maintained during construction via a two-way phased plan.
  • Traffic control plan for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Lighting design with a “holiday circuit”.
  • New waterline.
  • Aesthetic streetscape treatments including exposed aggregate sidewalks, decorative street light poles/fixtures, street trees, and new curbs.
  • Coordination of private utility relocations.
  • Coordination with property owners/businesses.
  • Coordination with several building facade renovations and the construction of Midland’s new Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School.
  • Prior to the bidding of the streetscape project, a separate contract was put together to relocate all of the electrical services feeding from Midland Avenue to the rear alleys so that all of the overhead lines could be removed from Midland Avenue.
Client/Owner: Borough of Midland, Beaver County, PA
Completion Date: 2009
Construction Cost: $1,800,000