Forbes Avenue and Market Street Reconstruction

SAI was responsible for performing the in-depth inspection of building vaults, preliminary engineering and final roadway design, traffic control plan, street lighting design, scheduling, and construction consultation of this important urban streetscape project. Phase 1B was completed in 2017, where Phase 1A was completed in 2010.

Physical features:

  • 5000′ of urban street reconstruction.
  • Multiple subgrade building vault renovations.

Other features:

  • Traffic maintenance during construction.
  • Traffic control plan for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Lighting design.
  • Storm and sanitary sewer replacements/repairs.
  • New waterline.
  • Aesthetic streetscape treatments including rustic terrazzo sidewalks, decorative street light poles/fixtures, street trees, and granite curbs.
  • Reinforced concrete pavement with brick crosswalks at intersection.
  • Special traffic signal poles and interconnected traffic management system.
  • Coordination of private utility relocations.
  • Coordination with property owners/businesses.
  • Project designed and constructed in conjunction with over $100,000,000 worth of new building development projects.
Client/Owner: City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Transportation and Engineering
Completion Date: 2017
Construction Cost: $15,000,000