Pittsburgh International Airport Short-Term Parking Garage Inspection and Option Evaluation

SAI was responsible for performing an in-depth inspection and condition assessment necessary for generating a report that evaluated different options for the garage including roofing the existing garage, aggressive repairs to the garage, complete rehabilitation, and replacement of the garage.

A close, hands-on inspection of the garage was performed during the fall of 2007 on all of the structural members that were accessible from ladders or a small scissors lift. SAI performed an inspection called sounding– tapping the concrete with a hammer and listening for hollow sounds. Hollow sounds indicated that the concrete had either pulled from the reinforcement bars (delamination) or had failed completely (deterioration). Loose concrete that was found to be in danger of falling was removed. Areas of deterioration were recorded in the field notes.

During our inspection we found several areas of structural deficiency that required immediate shoring. Upon immediate notification to the Airport Authority, SAI was on the scene to cordon-off the areas, prepare emergency shoring plans, further assess the damaged areas, and recommended repairs. We rapidly prepared emergency repair plans that allowed the Airport Authority to respond to the repairs that were immediately necessary while keeping the garage open and available to the public.

Physical features:

  • 2,750 – space, two-story (three level) reinforced concrete parking garage.

Other features:

  • Developed a proactive repair strategy including the design of repair plans and specifications.
  • Produced a final report that evaluated the three proposed options maintenance options, and one roof option.
Client/Owner: Allegheny County Airport Authority
Completion Date: 2008
Construction Cost: N/A