NBIS Bridge Inspection Group 2 (62 Bridges)

Responsible for the NBIS inventory/inspection of various steel and concrete bridge structures ranging from 225′ to 2421′ in length over waterways, railroads, and roadways. Four two-year inspection programs, years 2004-2012, this project includes the supervision and design of retrofits at lower lateral bracing connections susceptible to brittle fracture on fracture-critical welded plate girder bridges throughout the District.

Physical features include the following representative bridges:

  • New Kensington Bridge – 1,500′-long, three-span riveted thru-truss.
  • Shippingport Bridge – 1,600′-long steel thru-truss.
  • 40th Street Bridge – 2,346′-long steel deck arch.
  • Highland Park Bridge – 2,421′-long steel deck truss.

Other features:

  • NBIS inspections and reports of 62 major bridges (all bridges to be inspected twice in two-year cycle).
  • Perform and/or check structural analysis for each bridge.
  • Perform load rating for TK527 live load for 58 structures.
  • Develop CAD inspection drawings to facilitate future inspections.
  • Utilize computerized versions of bridge inspection form D450.
  • Obtain right-of-entry permits and coordinate flagging services with various railroads (Norfolk Southern, CSX, Union, and Allegheny Valley).

Client Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 11-0
Completion: 2012
Construction Cost: N/A