Armstrong County NBIS Bridge Safety Inspections

SAI is responsible for the NBIS inspection of over 65 locally-owned bridges throughout Armstrong County owned by the county or townships. Bridges include a variety of structure types with lengths ranging from 20′ to 260′ in length spanning waterways or railroads.

Physical features of the project include the following representative bridges:

  • Lower Pine Run – 86′ pin-connected eyebar thru-truss bridge.
  • Sotos Road Bridge – 33′ post-tensioned timber slab bridge.
  • McKee Bridge – 46′ prestressed concrete adjacent box beam bridge.
  • Buffalo Bridge – 90′ concrete-encased steel I beam bridge.
  • Godfrey Road Bridge – 24′ concrete T-beam bridge.
  • Kiski Bridge – 39′ two-cell precast concrete box culvert.

Other features:

  • Completing routine and interim inspections, load ratings, and coordination between local owners and the District.
  • Some FCM inspections were also performed.
  • Perform and/or check structural analysis for each bridge.
  • Prepare inspection report including “crack” tables.
  • Develop CAD inspection drawings to facilitate future inspections.
  • Utilize computerized versions of bridge inspection form D450.

Client Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 10-0
Completion: 2021
Construction Cost: N/A