Summerset at Frick Park, Nine Mile Run Development – Site Preparation CM/CI

SAI was responsible for the construction management and inspection of the public and private improvements, Site Preparation Contract No. 4, Phases 2B and 2C. The project site is located in the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh, between Browns Hill Road and the previously completed Phases 1A, 1B, and 2A portions of the Summerset at Frick Park residential development on Burketon Road. The existing site consists of an unimproved slag pile bounded by vegetated slopes and residential areas. The improvements include new City of Pittsburgh street construction; street and sight lighting; storm drainage, landscaping and irrigation; vehicle/pedestrian traffic control; PWSA storm, water, and sanitary systems; and electric, gas, cable, and telephone utility services to support the planned development.

Physical features:

  • 136,000 cy of excavation.
  • 13,700 lf of 4″ to 15″ diameter PVC SDR26 Pipe.
  • 2,700 lf 18″ to 36″ diameter RCCP Class IV.
  • 57 manholes.
  • 58 inlets and catch basins.
  • 4,500 lf of 8″ and 12″ diameter ductile iron pipe.
  • 9,500 lf concrete curb.
  • 24,000 sy bituminous pavement.
  • 68 decorative ornamental light poles.
  • 19,000 lf of 1 1/4″ through 6″ diameter PVC conduit.

Other features:

  • Coordination with various city agencies, private contractors, and public/private utilities.
  • Identification of hazardous materials and coordination with environmental clean-up of specified items.
  • Quality assurance monitoring and material testing.
Client/Owner: Summerset Land Development Associates
Completion Date: 2013
Construction Cost: $7,300,000