HARRISBURG -- Roundabouts are the latest rage in Pennsylvania for controlling traffic. The asphalt-and-concrete circles calm traffic without stopping it, and in the long run, they’re cheaper than traffic signals.  Washington Township in October opened the first roundabout in Franklin County.

By Jim Mall

Pennsylvania could face a transportation disaster if the Pennsylvania Legislature doesn’t act now to repeal Act 44.

Act 44 is rapidly bankrupting the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, threatening the commission’s ability to maintain the safety of our crucial turnpike system. A lawsuit may be brewing, however, that could save the turnpike … by pulling money that we need to fund public transit. The only way to avoid either disaster is for the Legislature to act quickly.

President-elect Donald Trump's pick to lead the Transportation Department is calling for a mix of funding tools to help rebuild the nation’s ailing infrastructure.

During her confirmation hearing Wednesday, Elaine Chao backed Trump's plan to use private financing for a massive infrastructure package.

But she also signaled that the incoming administration would be supportive of direct federal spending on transportation — the method favored by Democrats but generally panned by Republicans.

Since 1989, The Viera Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of A. Duda & Sons, Inc., has been the single master developer for the community of Viera, providing consistency and continuity during the planning and development of Viera.

The blueprints started with the creation of a roadway system that would connect to the existing roads at that time and would service the future residents and businesses in most efficient manner.



SAI did a very commendable job in developing the plans and delivering this Emergency bridge replacement.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 12-0
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